Are there harmful chemicals in febreze?



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    While you shouldn’t overuse it, it appears Febreze is actually relatively safe. There is a rumor going around the Febreze can be deadly to pets, but both Proctor and Gamble (the manufacturer) and the National Animal Poison Control Center say that’s not true. Febreze Air Effects also appears to be one of only two air fresheners on the market which DOESN’T contain the toxic chemicals known as phlalates. 

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    Since Proctor and Gamble refuses to list the true ingredients in Febreze, it’s impossible to answer this question.  Their main ingredient is “odor eliminator.” 

    Hello? So we don’t really “know” what is in Febreze… money can get around those labeling laws!

    As a person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (a canary in the coalmine) what I can tell you is that Febreze SEVERELY triggers reactions in me and everyone I know with MCS. Exposure to Febreze causes immediate brain fog, migraine, joint pain, stiffness, nausea and other flu-like symptoms which I suspect are caused by a neurotoxin of some type.  I can’t even walk down the detergent aisle of the market! 

    There are stories online about people’s pets dying after their bedding being sprayed by Febreze. These are labeled Urban Legends, most likely by P&G’s corporate attorneys. Personally, knowing the reaction I have to this dangerous substance, I believe the stories.

    Until Proctor and Gamble lists the actual ingredients, I would steer clear of anything with Febreze in it.

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