Are there green ways to look at storage?



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    Greener storage facilities might include the following practices:

    • 100% of facility electricity from renewable sources
    • certified EPA Green Power Partner
    • A Co-Gen system to utilizes the excess heat generated by the engines to provide heat in other areas of the facility, thereby reducing the reliance on additional natural resources
    •Solar water heater that supplies hot water
    • Usa a recycled building (e.g., a warehouse turned contemporary self storage space)
    • Reclaimed wood from the remodel of the building is used to build benches, desks for the offices of the company, and shelving for storage spaces
    • Offer alternative packing materials like biodegradable packing peanuts and shredded paper from the office paper shredder, and items like clean packing boxes are re-used.
    • Have a room for customers to put discarded items from storage, which allows certain usable goods go to a local charity, NOT into a dumpster, and then a landfill.
    • New customers are invited to take green efforts home with a free eco-tote filled with green products
    • Offer customers booklets with ideas for green living
    • Print marketing materials on recycled paper with soy ink

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