Are there green nail polishes?



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    This site offers water based nail polishes. Most polishes have toulene and a host of other chemicals in them.

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    Peacekeeper Cause-metics has some great “green” nail polish, as well as Aquarella. Check them out in the links below.

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    Yes! Check out these five nail companies that are eco-friendly and green (from the eco-chic blog).

    1. Polished Mama – originally marketed it toward mothers-to-be because they are safe for mothers to wear during and after pregnancy
    2. Zoya Nail Polish
    3. Acquarella
    4. Priti NYC – 100 different nail colors and it’s all non-toxic…and it’s USDA certified! It comes with a biodegredable soy polish remover too!
    5. Kaia Houe – it’s quite affordable and organic
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    And here is another one:

    Keeki – Non-toxic nailcare

    Scrumptious nail polish for kids is safe and toxin-free, with fun names that sound good enough to eat. Cotton Candy or Raspberry Sorbet, anyone? The creators of Keeki Pure and Simple polishes, Katy Scheffler and Natalie Bauss, hired a chemist to help them make all-natural nail polish for kids when they couldn’t find any available. Their creation isn’t like other polishes. It’s hypoallergenic, gluten-free, biodegradable and never tested on animals. You won’t find any paraben, toluene or formaldehyde, either. (Keeki’s polish remover is nontoxic, too.)


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