Are there green funeral options just like green wedding options?



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    Yes. Honestly, cremation is one of the best options. It creates harmful emissions, like burning anything, but traditional burials (utilizing hardwood coffins and concrete vaults) prevent the natural decomposition of bodies and also introduce chemicals used in the embalming process into the soil. There are biodegradable coffins which can be used for burials, and there are even ways to have corpses transformed into compost (my mom’s partner likes to shock people all the time by telling them his post-mortem plans to be made into mulch). There’s also some gestures people make such as planting trees or other plants over graves.

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    You might look into Eternal Reefs. They create living environmental memorials that help to preserve and protect the marine environment.

    Family members are encouraged to participate with the creation of their loved ones memorial. These reefs create new habitat for fish and other sealife. The Capt. Tony video shows the contribution that these memorials support in just one year!

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