Are there green car races?



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    Yes! One of the most interesting is the North American Solar Challenge. It’s a race from Texas to Canada, making it the longest solar car race in the world. It’s a student competition, which this year had 18 colleges and universities from Canada and the U.S., that spans over 2,500 miles.

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    One green car races is the Formula Hybrid International Competition, a strictly hybrid vehicles only race. Founded by the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, the FHIC is a race competition that challenges colleges and students to construct and to race high-performance hybrid vehicles. A key element that is tested in this race is fuel efficiency.

    According to the Formula Hybrid website, the purpose of the competition is:

    1. To give engineering students the opportunity to work across disciplinary boundaries while engineering and developing a plug-in hybrid electric race car.

    2. To encourage and promote the development of high-efficiency automotive drive trains.

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