Are there green candies I can hand out for Halloween?



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    Yes! There is a growing variety of eco-friendly candy—from organic chocolate to organic lollipops—available online and from local organic groceries, health food stores, or consumer cooperatives. These organic candies can satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your health, and they are produced using methods that don’t damage the environment. Choose treats that use little or no packaging that is produced using fossil fuels and cannot be recycled. Whenever possible, buy locally produced treats from local merchants. Buying locally supports your local economy, and also reduces fuel consumption and pollution associated with transporting products.

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    Sure! Check out the link below to the blog to find such eco-friendly suggestions as College Farm Organic NaturePops, Fruitabu fruit rolls, and more!

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    Be sure to look for candy that is fair trade, reduced packaging, has no corn fructose syrup, and is organic. Try the following green candy: YummyEarth Organic Lollipops, Endangered Species Chocolate Halloween Treats, Betty Lou’s Organic Golden Smackers, College Farm Organics, Equal Exchange Mini Chocolates, The Natural Candy Store, Fair Trade Gold Coins, Jelly Belly Natural Flavors, and Glee Gum Natural Chewing Gum.

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    There are many options for eco-friendly candy! You can look for candy make with organic ingredients. There is a brand of gum called, mini Glee Gum that is all-natural and the ingredients are harvested sustainably. Pure fun pops are another option, made with organic cane juice and organic syrups.

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