Are there going to be any fuel cell cars available in America during 2010?



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    Not widely.  The biggest limiting factor is the low number of fueling stations and car companies know better to bring cars into a market where the supply [of fueling stations] can’t meet the supply of cars.  That’s not to say the cars haven’t been developed.  Mercedes created an F-Cell hatchback and is producing 200 cars in 2010 to a limited group in the United States and Europe but mass production won’t occur until 2013.

    Toyota has promised “affordable” EVs by 2015.  100 vehicles will enter the market in the next couple years, again to a limited audience.

    This is the story with most companies: they promised electric vehicles by 2010 to compete with each other but all in limited release.  The mass production is coming, though, between 2013 and 2015 it seems.

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    Some fuel cell cars are available for limited use in select regions in the United States.  The Honda FCX Clarity is a fuel cell electric vehicle that runs off of hydrogen.  There are several drivers in Southern California and Honda’s website introduces a few of them.  The limited release of such vehicles is due to the lack of charging stations.

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