Are there fish that live in the canals of Venice?



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    There has been construction of artificial lakes in the canals of Venice. In 2008, they found 250 species of flora and fauna. The up rise in underwater fish communities has decreased fishing efforts since the fish populations have gone up.

    As biodiversity is growing so is the economy, drawing in more tourists who are hoping to scuba dive their way through the artificial reefs.

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    Do you soeak of Venice Florida or Italy.  Venice Italy has it’s canals fed from the Adriatic ocean so of course it has fish and plant life.  Venices sewage dumps into the canals and it is the small tides that clean out the canals daily.  Go on a hot summer day and the smell will gag a maggott on a turd.  I am not sure what they found in 2008 that was not there in 1708.  Same water, same source.

    I lived there for 4 years and Italians near Venice eat NOTHING caught nearby.  Netted fish can have hypodermic needles stuck in them.  Larger fish have been gutted only to find used tampons and condoms in the gut.

    Visit in the winter and eat beef or pork only.

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