Are there fireworks that are safer for the environment than traditional fireworks?



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    As much as we love the celebratory explosions, they do contain heavy metals, carbon monoxide, and sulfer oxides.  The environmental impact also includes dust, smoke, and other debris.  Granted, pyrotechnics experts say that if the fireworks are launched correctly all dangerous chemicals are consumed by the explosion.  There are companies working on more eco-friendly products, most of which use nitrogen-based fuels instead of carbon-based versions.  Nitrogen-based products burn cleaner, contain less barium, and produce less smoke. At present, eco-friendly fireworks are cost-prohibitive for most community displays.

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    There are studies being done to offer nitrogen-rich fireworks. These are more environmentally friendly compared to traditional fireworks by burning smoke free. Check out the link for more information. 

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    Greener fireworks still contain the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and trace amounts of toxic metal salts. Plus ammonium perchlorate may still be used which can still contaminate water supplies.

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