Are there farms that raise elk and deer for meat?



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    Yes, there are farms that raise elk and deer for meat, venison to be specific. Here is a link to one such farm in New Hampshire:

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    Yes.  There are farms that raise not just deer and elk, but reindeer too.  In fact, the ranching industry is growing as far as these animals are concerned.  There is even a website called the Deer & Elk Farmers’ Information Network.  

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    Yes.  Meadow Creek Elk farms is one example, which “culls mostly females aged 3 and 4,” due to the tenderness of their meat at that age.  Apparantly, there is also a American Elk Products Board that oversees quality assurance and promotes the sale of elk products.  The United Elk Farmers Association or TUEFA is a relatively new organization that that teaches the parenting of elk “through the use of DNA profiling, genetic purity and progeny tracking.”

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    There are a lot of elk and deer farms around today. These farms provide a plethora of goods and breed high quality stock. There are a number of wonderful directories set up in order for users to be able to find the best quality contributor of elk and deer product in their area. I will link one such directory bellow.

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    A prolific farm in Canada called Ontario Venison offers such products, and emphasizes the difficulty in obtaining quality venison. They also cite the ascent of venison consumption in North America during the 1990s, when demand nearly tripled. Deer meat is “high in protein, contains iron, zinc and many of the B vitamins, and is raised naturally, without growth hormones, antibiotics and dyes.”

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