Are there farmers markets all over the world?



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    There are farmers markets all over the world. They happen in Africa, New Zealand, Mexico City, the USA, Canada, the UK. There are even online farmers markets that ship independently farmed goods from all around the world.

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    Throughout Asia, South America, and Europe, public food markets are still a part of daily life for many people. Farmer’s markets and public produce markets in general are as old as civilization itself! The current revival that we see today of new farmer’s markets in the U.S. is due to recent realizations that we’ve lost this vital system in the processes of modernization. We are finally realizing the benefits of purchasing local-grown, fresh produce from familiar faces, as opposed to mass-produced conglomerate-grown food sold at big grocery store chains. A rush to revitalize this essential aspect of society and culture is a sign of changing times in the U.S. We are finally recognizing the harmful effects that modernization and industrialization have had on our lifestyles, economy, and health.

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