Are there ever tigers born without stripes?



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    Yes, but it is very rare.  Some are born without stripes but then develop them within a couple of months after birth.  In 2009 though, a white bengal tiger was born without any stripes, but then never developed those stripes.  The female tiger, which has been named Fareeda lives in Africa.

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    Some white Bengal tigers have been born without stripes. There have been less than 20 of them known, and all have been born in captivity. One of the most recent ones is a female named Fareeda who was born in South Africa on December 25, 2008. Incidentally, she is not an albino, but simply does not have the typical stripe markings. 


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    The splendid white coat is caused by a double recessive allele in the genetic makeup, and only turns up naturally about once in every 10,000 births. Strangely enough, the Bengal tiger is the only subspecies in which this seems to happen. As magnificent as it may look, life of a White Bengal Tiger can’t be as easy as it looks.

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