Are there ever earthquakes in New York?



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    New York State and New York City sit on fault lines. The question is: how active are they? The answer: not very. A relatively small earthquake, 5.0 in magnitude, rumbled outside of Ottawa in 2010 and was felt in Albany and the City. Though, most people didn’t notice. The last notable earthquake in New York was in 1944. It was 5.8 and struck in Massena, New York.

    This link provides you with a map of fault lines under Manhattan:

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    Most of the earthquakes in New York have not been centered there but strong shocks have been felt there. New York’s most recent earthquake was in January 1966 in Attica and Varysburg, New York. It was a 4.7 magnitude earthquake and was felt throughout 46,500 square kilometers. Check this site for a complete history of New York’s earthquakes:

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