Are there enzymes in the human body?



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    Yes, the human body is full of enzymes. There are enzymes in every cell, called ribosomes that help them reproduce by translating RNA and DNA codes. There are enzymes in our stomach that help digest are food. There are enzymes in our liver that help us purify our blood. Enzymes are an important part of most living organisms and without them we could not survive.

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    Enzymes make up a part of every single cell in your body.  Enzymes are proteins that enable certain chemical reactions to take place faster than they would without the enzyme present.  Enzymes inside each cell, like helicase, facillitate the DNA copying process, which is a vital part of cell reproduction.  Enzymes also aid the glycolysis process, which results in the production of adenosine triphosphate, a substance that fuels most of the cells in your body.  

    On a larger scale, there are enzymes that work with specific organs in your body, notably the stomach.  Enzymes in your stomach aid food digestion by breaking down the food in your stomach into its essential components.

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