Are there environmentally friendly pencils?



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    Yes, you can buy pencils made from recycled material. The link below offers pencils recycled from everything, including cd cases and denim.

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    There are definitely ways of making pencils more eco-friendly than the traditional method. One company that strives for high-quality “green” pencils is O’BON. Not only do they make pencils by wrapping paper tightly around graphite, making them last longer and use less wood, but they plant a tree for every ten dollars of merchandise spent. Derwent Graphic Pencils are coated with a paint that uses less energy to make, and are made from leftover wood from the timber industry. Fiber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils regrow trees on barren land in Brazil for their wood and use less colored paint. For more sustainable pencil brands, check the second link below.

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    Yes! You can find pencils made out of recycled products. For instance, one company makes their pecils out of old newspapers wrapped around a piece of graphite. Other green websites and customers highly suggest their products. Another option for a more eco-friendly pencil is to use a mechanical pencil because with that type, all you have to do is replace lead.

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