Are there enough dolphins in the world to eat?



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    Absolutely not. Many species of dolphins are endangered and should never be hunted, killed, or harmed for their meat.

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    This question can be looked at from a number of perspectives.  First, you are asking this under the ‘fish’ category.  There is a fish called the dolphinfish, also known commonly as ‘mahi mahi’.  This is a fast-growing ocean predator, living in most of the subtropical and tropical surface waters of the world’s oceans.  There are many of them and a regular fishery exists for them.

    The other dolphins are mammals, of which there are many species distributed around the oceans and rivers of the world.  As another responder to this question noted, a number of these are highly endangered and should be highly protected. Others, primarily oceanic species, are very abundant and theoretically have population and reproductive rates able to support low-level take for consumption.  There are several places in the world where these animals are captured for food.  Japan is the most notorious, but there are also illegal markets in countries such as Peru.  It is important to note that the species being taken for food are not endangered per se. The issue rather is both the important ecological role these animals play as well as their high degree of intelligence, considered comparable to our own.  At the current rate of consumption, the issue is really more of an ethical than a sustainability concern.

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