Are there eco-friendly shampoos that don’t make my hair feel like a horse’s mane?



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    Online consumer reviews seem to point to Miessence Desert Flower as the best natural shampoo, not only because of its respectable merits (certified organic, no G.M.O.’s, no animal testing) but also because of its relative effectiveness in comparison to leading brands.

    It is also important to note that switching to natural shampoos requires in some cases several months before the benefits come to full fruition, due in part to the hair’s natural ‘stubbornness’ or inability to quickly adapt to new circumstances.

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    I really love Avalon Organics Lemon Clarifying Shampoo. It removes product buildup from your hair but also has excellent ingredients to moisturize without weighing your hair down. Check out the link below for a product review.

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    Hey there! Have you ever tried using what might be in your kitchen? Baking soda is a great way to wash out your hair of impurities! Use about a tablespoon and gently massage it into your hair and then wash it out when you take a shower. Then, to soften and detangle your hair use apple cidar vinegar (abut 1/4  of apple cidar vinegar to 3/4 water) – you can put this formula in an old spray bottle. Hope that helped 🙂

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