Are there eco friendly pillows?



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    You can get a pillow made from organic cotton with natural or low-impact dyes. There are even recycled pillows made from reclaimed materials. New, synthetic pillows with polyester filling can carry a significant carbon footprint; these recycled pillows are a more environmentally-friendly purchase.

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    There are eco-friendly pillows out in the market that are made out from organic cotton, bamboo or recycled polyester. They are naturally bleached and some are filled with fluffy goose down. Aloe pillows are also available in the market. These aloe enriched pillows have covers that moisturize and nourish skin while you sleep. “Granulated NaturLatex Talalay latex core with temperature regulating Natura Smart Woolâ„¢ lining regulates temperature next to skin for healthy, comfortable sleep… Natura Smart Woolâ„¢ lining wicks away moisture for a clean, allergen-free sleep. Naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.”

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    Dream Solutions is a brand that produces an eco-friendly pillow. The cover is 100% organic cotton, while the inside is 100% recycled hypoallergenic fill. This is a great alternative to down pillows. Both customers give the pillow a positive review. It can even be bought at Sears!

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