Are there eco-friendly pet shampoos?



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    Dog shampoos can contain many toxins that are terrible in a water system. Read the backs of a regular dog shampoo and it will probably tell you to not wash it down the drain. There are a few “green” pet shampoos on the market. Green Paws offers two dog shampoos that are certified organic. They also contain no artificial fragrances. Buddy Wash, Chagrin Valley, Aubrey Organimals, Earth Bath, and Eco-Animals also offer eco-friendly dog shampoos. Linked below are good reviews of all of them.

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    There are companies making pet products out of natural ingredients. There are pet shampoos along with many other eco-friendly products at the websites listed below. One of the products claims to use coconut oil soap and natural herbs to leave your dog’s coat soft and shiny. The second website has multiple brands, and you can purchase them online. The items I looked at are even bottled in recycled plastic, making the product 100% eco-friendly. I hope this helps! 

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    Many organic products contain essential oils. Some dogs have sensitive skin, just like we do. So make sure you test the soap on a small part of your pet, just to make sure the dog doesn’t have a bad reaction to it. I’ve linked to a few organic dog shampoos. Some of them contain essential oils that ward off ticks and fleas. 

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