Are there eco-friendly or recycled rubber tires?



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    Yes, there are recycled rubber tires. In fact, the environmental benefit of these tires is twofold. First they are made of recycled material which reduces landfill use. Second it has been shown that using recycled tires improves the fuel efficiency of automobiles.

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    And looking at this in a different light, even traditional tires can have an eco-friendly end if used as some are, in the building of “earthship houses”, similar to the Dobson House in Taos, NM.

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    There are some companies that use less petroleum and other chemicals in tire production. A company that does this is Yokohama and their tire the dB Super E-spec are considered eco-friendly. The tires are made out of orange oil and natural rubber. Using these tires is also better for fuel efficiency for your car because they have 20% less rolling resistance.

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