Are there eco friendly fashion magazines?



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    Yes, there are! This is a great way to have tangible copies of magazines in your home, office, or for leisure that won’t require the internet. One magazine that has garnered popularity since its launch is BOHO Magazine, which prints all of its fashion pieces on all reycled paper and uses soy inks! They release 4 issues every year at a price of around $22.

    Other magazines that have been popular in the US are NYLON and FOAM. They always have fashion, art, and music pieces, even though mostly focusin on music, in my opinion. Nylon offers 10 issues per year at around $20 and Foam offers 6 issues per year at $15.

    Other newly emerging green fashion magazines include COCO ECO, which is an online magazine just launched last week!

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    There are also a number of online blogs which offer advice on sustainable fashion labels and design. Here is a list generated by Treehugger of the
    “7 Must-Read Green Fashion Blogs”: There is also a link of this page to the Treehugger Fashion and Design site, which is updated daily!

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    The website SuperEco developed a list of the “3 Eco-Fashion Magazines Worth Reading.”  At the top of the list is Boho magazine, whose editor-in-chief, Gina la Morte, used to be the stylist for The Style Doctor.  Peppermint magazine can be found in Australia and New Zealand, and like Boho, is printed on 100% recycled paper.  The last magazine suggestion is Coco Eco Magazine.  It is an online magazine that has high fashion content. 

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