Are there eco friendly diapers?



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    There are some brands of biodegradable diapers, but they are only slightly better than the normal brands for the environment. All of the diapers contain a absorbent gel materials, or AGMs, which may be linked to childhood asthma and some other health risks. The more eco-friendly diapers also take just as much energy, etc to produce, so there isn’t actually much benefit.

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    eco-friendly diapers include disposables, with some of their claims ranging from chlorine-free materials to compostable packaging to strict manufacturing standards. Here is a link to some reviews of eco-friendly diapers. You can also try cloth.

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    Yes! Cloth diapers are eco-friendly, but there are other options too. did a product test and found that the eco-friendly diaper brand that is most preferred is FizziBuns. They were found to be the most absorbpent and leak-free. The second place diapers were by bumGenius and Earth’s Best. The reviewers did not recommend gDiapers and Seventh Generation.

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    Bamboo diapers are eco-friendly cloth diapers, and when your baby grows out of them, you can compost them. Here are some links for bamboo diapers:

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