Are there eco-friendly baby diapers?



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    Yes. There are reusable cloth diapers, and the company gDiapers seems to make disposable, biodegradable diapers that you can compost or flush, but even in the latter case they don’t go into a landfill.

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    Yes, there are several brands such as the gDiapers, an eco-friendly diaper with the option of biodegradble refills or re-usable inserts. To find out about more brands visit, which rates the different major eco-brands on the market.

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    Yes, Seventh Generation is one company that sells eco-friendly diapers. They are free of chlorine processing, free of fragrances, latex and petroluem-based lotions – they are also hypoallergenic! Also, the upcoming brand by Jessica Alba called “The Honest Company” has eco-friendly diapers as well.

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