Are there DIY kits for building a wind turbine to power your house?



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    There are smaller windmill type turbines that you can either purchase from websites, or you can find the plans and materials for on the Internet or books. Below I found a website that warns against Internet scams, which is a legitimate concern, and provides links to many legit web pages that can provide you with detailed information on what is needed and how to build the turbines. From what I gather, these can be used to power your home, and need at least a 15 mph wind to begin generating power. I would not say they offer a complete alternative to a city power grid however, and may not generate enough electricity to solely power your home with a turbine. Please follow the links to find one that is right for you.

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    That probably depends on where you’re located! You can see a general guide for determining whether you’ve got a good wind-energy site by reading this article. And specifically, here is a program for the UK:


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