Are there different types of lightning?



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    Yes there are and they are different in how the electricity is transferred. There is cloud to ground, from the negative bottom of the cloud to positive earth. There is intracloud, from negative to positive charges in the same cloud. The least common kind intercloud, where it is negative and positive charges in different clouds. And ball lightning which is not fully understood.

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    Yes there are several different types of lightning. The lightning that is most commonly observed is streak lightning. It is nothing more than the return stroke, the visible part of the lightning stroke. Most strokes occur inside a cloud so we don’t see the majority of lightning strikes in thunderstorms. 

    The different types of lightning include:

    1. Bead lightning. – A rare lightning which appears to break up into a string of short, bright sections, which last longer than the usual discharge level. The width of the lightning channel varies as the lightning channel cools and fades.

    2. Ribbon lightning. – This type of lightning occurs with high cross winds and multiple return strokes. 

    3. Staccato lightning – It is a cloud to ground lightning which is a short duration stroke that appears as a single very bright flash and often has considerable branching.

    4. Forked lightning.


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