Are there different types of environmentalism?



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    In a way, yes.  Different types of environmentalists can be separated by their specific beliefs and how that drives their behavior. In other words, environmentalism can be broken down into smaller subgroups who are divided by their method in which they believe the environment can be saved.  Here’s a sample of some of those groups and some of their basic beliefs:

    • Green economists: A movement that believes in the inherent value of a world economy but believes the existing one lacks an accounting system for human well-being and the economic value of nature.  Green economists believe an economy that functions optimally will equally account for human equity, environmental protection, and monetary economic needs.
    • Deep ecologists: Deep ecology focuses on the inherent worth of other beings, aside from just their utility in an ecosystem.  Deep ecology emphasises the interdependence of all beings living in the biosphere.
    • Bioregionalism: This movement stresses the importance of bioregions as defined by their natural boundaries (ie. watersheds, mountains, rivers, etc.).  Bioregionalism focuses on the independent function of separate bioregions to address their own needs, which are specific to each region.
    • Social Ecology: Belief that environmental problems stem from deep-seated social issues.  Many of these issues stem from social and political hierarchy.  Environmental issues can be solved by the collective (societal) addressing of the issues in an equal democratic method.
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