Are there different levels of toxicity in mercury?



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    There are seven common isotopes of Mercury, however, all of them are of about the same toxicity to humans so it doesn’t matter which one of the seven you are exposed to. Symptoms and fatality do differ however on the amount of mercury one is exposed to. Known scientifically as hydrargyria or mercurialism, Mercury Poisoning in low doses can cause minor skin irritation, color changes and swelling, none of which are all that dangerous or fatal. Exposure to larger amount of mercury can lead to neurological complications as well as tachycardia and hypertension (high heart rate and high blood pressure respectively). These symptoms can be far more dangerous and life threatening if medical treatment is not sought immediately.

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    Because mercury accumulates with exposure and isn’t easily purged from the body, long-term exposure to small doses can slowly lead to a large doese.

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