Are there cruise ships that use renewable energy?



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    While there are not yet cruise ships that run on completely renewable energy, large cruise lines are doing their part to cut down on their ships’ emissions, as they are one of the most pollutive forms of transportation.  Companies such as Royal Carribean, Celebrity, and Princess are beginning to invest in alternative engines to reduce emissions.  They are using technology developed by General Electric that reduces nitrous oxide emissions by 80% and reduces sulfur oxide emissions by 98%.  Ships are also developing engines that can be turned off while the ship is at a port, which is a new development within the industry.

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    I’m guessing no cruise ships are using it yet. But a company called SkySails makes giant kites to help large ships, like cargo ships, reduce their fuel use. The company says its sail’s power is equivalent to about “5,000 kW (about 6,800 HP), and is intended to lower fuel consumption rates by 10%-35% on average, and by up to 50% in optimal wind conditions.”

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