Are there countries that have dumped their nuclear waste into the ocean?



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    In a quick search, it appears that Russia has been targetted as a dumper of nuclear waste into oceans; however much of those reports seem to be biased based on histories regarding the Cold War.  A more recent report also shares that European countries have been dumping their nuclear waste in oceans off Somalia.  With the recent struggles Somalia has faced and their weakened government, apparently European countries have taken the opportunity to dump their waste without much reprimand.

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    The source I have doesn’t mention specific countries, but there has been plenty of nuclear waste dumped in oceans. The hot-spots include both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean off the coast of the US as well as the Atlantic Coast of Europe. A few spots are located off the African Coast, Asian Coast, and Australian Coast.

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    The former Soviet Union most definitely dumped a lot of waste into both the Arctic and the Pacific.

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    Yes, Japan has been having problems for a number of weeks now: a leak (caused by the recent earthquake) in the Fukushima Diashi plant was spewing toxic waste into the surrounding waters- but was plugged on April 6th. However, that same plant was forced to release 11,000 tons of radioactive water into the ocean on April 4th and 5th. This water was about 100 times the legal limit of radioactivity. It was a necessary measure; the plant’s storage tanks were full and had to be cleared in order to make room for far more hazardous waste, water that was about 10,000 times the legal limit. 

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