Are there computers that you can recycle completely?



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    In my experience and after searching extensively it appears that there is no computer that is 100% recyclable. The closest thing to it, is refurbishing or reusing parts such as memory or CPUs in other computers. Otherwise there are components involved in the making of a computers inner parts that cannot be converted back into usable raw materials (sometimes they are toxic). However by recycling these parts at a computer recycling center you can be assured they will be disposed of in a proper way (not sent to a landfill).

    Some companies such as Dell will accept back any brand Computer and recycle it for free (or a Dell computer at any Staples retail store). Similarly Dell will accept any working old computers to donate to non-profit organizations from any brand.

    Until we can build clean 100% recyclable PC’s the best we can do is responsibly manage their disposal and reuse or purchase computers made of already recycled materials.

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    Lets get a little more sophisticated about your 100% recycled. What do you mean by recycled ??  Burned up ? No don’t think so.  Plastics turned into kitty Litter, no not that either.  It is when a new part is made from say the plastics of a printer or monitor case.  Now thats recycling.  So instead of focusing on the percentage being perfectly 100%, try defining things correctly.  What you will find is only about 20% of the weight of a collected electronic item is actually recycled.  So lets focus our efforts there.  801 973 4774

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