Are there companies that make eco friendly carpet?



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    Yes, there are a number of companies that create carpet from reclaimed, recycled, natural, or organic materials.  Here’s a list of a few of them…

    • Nani Marquina’s Bicicleta Carpet uses recycled bike tire tubes from India to create their product.
    • Soy Luxe makes their carpet from a blend of cashmere, soy, and alpaca wool.
    • Also , there are a growing number of carpet companies that reclaim old used carpet and carpet backings.  Interface, Invista, and Enviro6ix are all examples of such companies.
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    Yes! Interface is my favorite company for green carpeting. They used biomimicry to design their carpets by sending some of their employees out with a biomimicry team. They went into a forest and studied how nature made its “floors”. They discovered that fallen leaves and other debris created a random pattern, but still looked nice. They have utilized this concept in designs so that areas of carpet that have been ruined or stained can easily be replaced. In addition, they don’t have to worry about matching the exact colors or patterns when creating different batches of carpet. They also do carpet recycling and use eco-friendly materials. They are a wonderful company. 

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