Are there colors of LED’s that use the least amount of energy?



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    Yes, LED energy consumption is based on its color.  Each color has its own rage of energy based ont he materials used to make the LED.  Infrared and Red LEDs generally use the least amount of energy.  Going up through the colors of the rainbow,  purples, violets, and ultraviolets use the most. For actual voltages for each color, please see the link below.

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    Different colors are produced by different materials in combination with different voltages. So you would expect the luminous efficiency to differ. According to information I found, it looks like certain green LED’s were shown to have an efficiency as high as 140 lumens/watt, and white LED’s were shown to reach 150 lumens/watt. However, different materials and different manufacturers reached various efficiencies for same color, so it’s really a matter of a particular model.

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