Are there coal reserves in the ocean like there are oil reserves?



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    The most promising energy resource to be found in the ocean is the kinetic energy of tidal waves.  The technology is still in its infancy, but turbines harnessing the energy of ocean waves to be converted to electric energy have proven successful.  There is some controversy around tidal energy, as the mechanisms could pose a hazard to aquatic eco systems, interfering with the migration of certain species of fish.  For more information on the research being done on tidal energy, refer to the link below.

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    Yes, there are coal reserves. However, they are much more difficult to mine, even compared to offshore oil rigs – you can’t just pump the coal. However, it looks like some companies are looking into underwater coal (see citations). Clean Coal Ltd is planning to use an underground coal gasification process to convert deposits off the shores of British Isles into gas that will then be burned to generate electricity.

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