Are there climate change problems in the coastal areas of sindh?



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    To answer your question, the coastal areas of Sindh have recently been hit by devastating floods that have displaced millions. Through planting mangroves, the Government of Sindh expects to be able to prevent some of the damage from cyclones, storms, and floods occurring due to climate change.

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    There has been an increase in heavy storms that are probably a result of climate change – be it natural or man-made.  There are other environmental challenges as well, such as development so near the low lying areas, as well as destruction of the mangroves.

    Unfortunately, many in the area do not realize the significance of the mangrove ecosystem and continue to use mangroves as fuelwood and fodder, as well as for development.  For this reason, there have been many who are working to restore the mangroves as well as educate the community and initiate conservation programs overeall.

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