Are there certain climates where more people get cancer or get sick?



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    Yes, people can get sick in very hot or very cold climates. In very hot places one can get heat stroke if they aren’t drinking enough water and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun. In the cold, people can get frostbite or can freeze if they don’t stay out of extreme cold. Higher rates of cancer and other illness are due more to pollution and other environmental factors besides climate. For instance, in Australia, the ozone layer is thin so lots of radiation from the sun gets through and has caused higher rates of skin cancer. In China, air pollution has caused illness and asthma in many people.

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    Scientists estimate that environmental factors play a role in at least 2/3 of all cancer cases.  In fact, it is the repeated exposure and interaction of human cells with negative environmental factors that causes cancerous cells to grow.  These factors can be internal or external and can include things like poor diet (internal), exposure to cigarette smoke (intern or external), excessive exposure to toxic chemicals (external). 

    That all being said, there is no one thing that will cause cancer, or illness in general, as it is the complex interaction of a litany of factors that eventually build to create the illness.  In addition to internal and external factors age, genetics, length of exposure to the specific factor, lifestyle, overall health, age, and gender all play significant but intricate roles in cancer development. 

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