Are there cartoons that take pride in teaching the youth good environmental practices?



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    Well, based on the often satirical nature of cartoons, it is more often than not that the cartoons are commenting on environmental policy than explicitly teaching savvy environmental practices to youth. However, they are still quite enjoyable and do have an important message behind them. Check out the link below to read some!

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    Captain Planet, Fraggle Rock, Fern Gully, Sesame Street (not all cartoons, but still good for children). I think happy-go-lucky children’s shows are under-estimated. Even Peewee Herman had some good things to say about the environment!

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    The Magic School Bus often teaches kids about nature and the environment. Bill Nye The Science Guy, although not a cartoon, teaches kids great things about the environment. National Geographic Kids makes great videos for kids. And their website even has some cute little sing-along-videos on it

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