Are there bison in Alaska?



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    Yes there are! While many think that elks and the like are the only sort of large mammals that roam the Alaskan plains, they’re wrong! The first bison in Alaska were Steppe Bison, larger versions of our modern bison. They came to Alaska over the Bering land bridge from Asia. Bison in Alaska are fairly endangered, though, and they are heavily protected. Limited hunting permits are occasionally issued to maintain what scientists feel they have found to be the “ideal” population, (about 275-300 bison.) Seeing them is not that uncommon now, and they’ve actually become somewhat of a problem on highways.

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    There are two subspecies of American Bison: wood bison and plains bison. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List, there are no wild populations of wood bison remaining in Alaska, which used to be a part of their natural range. However, the state of Alaska is planning to reintroduce bison into the wild. The plains bison, which was native to southern Canada and US rather than this far north, was introduced to Alaska, and there 700 in the wild in 2007. There are also some commercial bison herds.


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