Are there biospheres in nature?



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    The biosphere is a man-made term for the sum of all organisms and organic matter on Earth. Thus, there is only one, and it extends from the organisms that live far underground to the highest ones floating in the air. From here, it is divided into discrete ecosystems, which are self-contained species who interact with each other and the surrounding environment. Other major components of the earth include the atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, and anthrosphere (the impact humans have on the earth).

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    The term biosphere in natural science refers to all the living organisms that exist on the Earth (bio=life, sphere=realm), in contrast for example to the lithosphere which is all the mineral on the Earth. What you may have heard of as well are biosphere reserves as designated by UNESCO. These are essentially nature reserves that also include humans (as we are living things) to see how nature can be preserved while still providing for human needs. Either way the answer is yes.

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