Are there atmospheric layers?



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    Yes, the earth’s atmosphere is divided into five layers, which all have different properties. The first, and lowest layer is the trophosphere, which is the layer that starts right above the ground. This contains half of earth’s atmosphere and all the “weather” occurs in this layer.

    The next layer is the stratosphere. This begins about 30,000 feet above the surface of earth. This is the layer where planes fly because it is more stable (less weather) so there is less turbulence to fly through. The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere, making life on earth possible by shielding the earth from the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

    The mesosphere is the next layer. When you watch a meteor shower, you are looking at the mesosphere. This is where meteors coming in towards earth burn up to reveal shooting stars.

    The thermosphere is the next layer out. This is where space stations are in orbit.

    The exosphere is the last layer of the earth’s atmosphere. This is the thin atmsopheric division between us and…….space!



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