Are there artists who make art out of plants or other living matter?



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    I don’t know about artwork made out plants, but I do know that there is a guy in Chicago named Bill Harding who makes clothes out of grass. From shoes to hats, he grows special grass and then molds it to form clothing that he can wear out and about. Recently, he made a suit out of grass, check out the picture!


    Thats all grass!!


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    One of my favorite naturalists and artists is Andy Goldsworthy.  He creates pieces of art out of the materials nature provides him including, but not limited to: twigs, ice, pebbles, leaves, flowers, etc.  

    He builds his pieces with the intension of allowing nature to take the materials back upon his completion. 

    Here’s a great site with his BIO and one with HIS CATALOGUE of work.   

    PS my avatar is a Goldsworthy work with dandelions 😉

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    There are many artists who have been using moss and grass as a way to graffiti.  The moss is applied to walls with biodegradable ingredients.  Eco artist Edina Tokodi displays her art throughout Brooklyn.  She sees it as a way for city dwellers to interact with nature.[img_assist|nid=195555|title=Moss|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=0|height=0]

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