Are there artists who make art that is meant to degrade back into nature?



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    There are people out there making biodegradable art. Geke Wouters of Holland creates fragile bowls and cups out of paper-thin layers made out of various vegetables including leeks and carrots. Though not very practical, part of the symbolism of these beautiful, nearly see-through pieces of art comes from the fact that they don’t last long. Several artists contributed biodegradable art as a kind of commemoration and protest when Vancouver lost 40 hectares of its Stanley Park, including a piece in the former polar bear exhibit that consisted of degrading sacks filled with wood chips.

    Other forms of art not meant to last are crafts made of flowers, straw animals, and some of the decorative urns in which ashes are buried.

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    One of my favorite naturalists and artists is Andy Goldsworthy.  He creates pieces of art out of the materials nature provides him including, but not limited to: twigs, ice, pebbles, leaves, flowers, etc.  

    He builds his pieces with the intension of allowing nature to take the materials back upon his completion.  

    Here’s a great site with his BIO and one with HIS CATALOGUE of work.   

    PS my avatar is a Goldsworthy work with dandelions 😉

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    check out Robert Smithson, known for his ‘Earthworks”

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