Are there anyway that we can make streetlights better with using the same or less energy?



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    Cities in Massacheutts, Wales, Alaska, and California have started to turn off street lights to save energy, money, and prevent more light pollution.

    the pole number on the check,” the program further advises. “Allow two weeks for the light to be energized.”

    To be sure, there are alternatives that keep street lights on and cut the bill. Many cities, like St. Paul, are considering switching to more efficient light-emitting diodes to keep their streets lighted. Last month at our sibling blog, Bits, Eric Taub reported on a small pilot program in New York City, aimed at testing L.E.D.’s here. And Santa Rosa has switched to L.E.D. technology in all street lights at intersections — which are not subject to the Adopt-a-Light program. Ann Arbor has considered installing motion sensors on street lights. Santa Rosa has started an Adopt-A-Light campaigning, turning off street lights unless residents adopt a light for $150 a year. St. Paul among other cities have considered switching to e efficient light-emitting diodes. New York City has started a pilot program to start using LED street lights, and Santa Rosa only uses it.

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