Are there any wolves in California?



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    Yes there are species of wolves, such as the Grey Wolf, in California, namely in southern California.

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    No. The only wolves in the state of California are kept in captivity. There are reports of wolves being seen in California, particularly in 1850-1920, but it seems that wild wolves have been essentially eradicated from the Californian wilderness. The US Forest Service has records of some 50 wolves existing in California up until 1937, but studies have shown that poor evidence exists for these wolves’ presence. Any wolves seen in California today are a result of release from captivity.

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    To settle the conflicting answers, as far as what I found, the gray wolf (and all its subspecies, except for domestic dogs) is gone from California except for captive populations. The closest thing to a wolf found in California, is the coyote, sometimes called a prairie wolf.

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    yes there are wolve in california

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    There is currently one confirmed wolf in California. He dispersed from a pack in Oregon and the only way we knew he entered the state is he happens to have a tracking collar. Not all wolves in Oregon have these collars, so it is possible that others have also entered.

    There also have been credible sightings of wolves in the Warner mountains of Modoc county, although they are not confirmed. Big game migrate to those mountains from Idaho where there are wolves, so it is possible some wolves follow the wild sheep migration and end up in California that way.

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