Are there any wild flowers that you can eat?



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    Yes, there are quite a number of them. Lavender, rosemary, carnations, and day lilies are a few. The site below lists a lot more.

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    This link gives a list of edible flowers, and some tips on where to find them.  One example of an edible “wild flower” is a dandelion:

    Also, one way is to look for various patterns.  There’s a reasonable way to identify plants that can be eaten.

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    You can actually eat the leaves from dandelions. See recipes at the link below.

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    The petals of violas and roses are a couple of my favorites for culinary use. Viola petals are delicious in cream-based desserts, and rose petals are an interesting addition to black tea blends. The Republic of Tea makes an excellent full leaf rose petal tea.

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