Are there any wild camels in America?



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    I don’t believe so. According to National Geographic, the only two natural concentrations of camels are:

    The Bactrian Camel, found in Central Asia:


    And the Arabian or Dromedary Camel, found in Northern Africa and parts of the Middle East/Central Asia:

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    There was an instance of escaped domestic camels in British Columbia, Canada that went feral during a failed, mid-19th century experiment to use camels in the US military, though the last sighting of a feral camel was in 1930. The area the feral camels roamed was named Camelsfoot Range.

    There is only one species of truely wild camel, the Bactrian Camel,  though it had ancestors in the Arizona desert that migrated across the bering strait some 4,000 years ago to the Gobi Desert. The common domestic camel was bred from the Bactrian camel, and only 950 of these animals still roam today.


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    Camels are not natural to North America, although they have been brough to the continent as pets and working animals from other parts of the world. Wild camels are more likely to be found in desertous regions, like the Gobi desert in Northern China. The wild Bactrian camel is the eighth most endangered species in the world.

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