Are there any well known fashion designers like Versace who have made eco friendly lines?



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    Yes, many of these designers participated in a runway show called Futurefashion. This show was hosted by Barney’s in collaboration with Earth Pledge and some of the featured pieces were even displayed in the Barney’s show window on Madison avenue.

    Some well known designers featured in this show were Versace, Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela, Donna Karan and Jil Sander.

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    Here is a list of 15 up and coming (and rather well known designers) who are doing their part to make ‘green’ clothes.  They are going green by using organic materials, reducing the amount of energy it takes to produce their clothes, and using recycled materials.

    1. Beau Soleil

    2. Sworn Virgins

    3. Linda Loudermilk

    4. Stella McCartney

    5. Enamore

    6. Gaiam

    7. Alternative Apparel

    8. J Brand Organic (Green Label)

    9. Levi’s Organic Jeans

    10. Organic by John Patrick

    11. Loomstate

    12. Saint Grace

    13. Eco-Ganik

    14. C & C California Organic

    15. Bodkin

    It’s also been noted that Gucci has taken initiatives to reduce the amount of packaging it uses and to begin using recycled materials in all of its in-store and shipping materials as well.  (

    On the contrary, Louis Vuitton failed in recent attempts to go green.  Designing a horifically high tech trunk to carry all of your electronics and gadgets, the trunk actually ends up being the exact opposite of what it promotes itself to do! (


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