Are there any weed killers that harm animals?



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    Yes there are. The most commonly used weed killers contain 2,4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid which is very harmful to animals. A study that was completed by the National Cancer Institute showed that dogs in particular are twice as likely to develop malagnant lymphoma (a form of cancer that attacks the immune system) from exposure to this chemical. My advice would be to reduce the use of weed killer only when absolutely necessary or try to find one on the market that is non-toxic.

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    Many weed killers can be harmful to animals.  If they walk on parts of the grass recently sprayed with weed killer it can cause burns or infections if it gets into an open cut.  It can also cause much more severe side effects, such as malagnant lymphoma, as nellieliz4 said.  There are many animal and eco-friendly options, such mixing vinegar, salt, and dishsoap.  Many stores also carry products that will not harm animals, just be sure to ask someone familiar with it.

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