Are there any websites that sell used road bikes?



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    If I were you, I would check out this website.

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    Purchasing a used road bike is a great idea. One of the biggest things we can do to contribute to helping the environment is to recycle and reuse. You can find used road bikes on a plethora of sites. Always check ebay and local thrift stores if you are not having any luck finding something in your price range.

    The webstie Nextag also provides a large selection of refurbished road bikes.

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    Here’s another site that may be worth checking out:

    I agree with elifitz that ebay is a great option. But, as with many used products, err on the side of caution when shopping online.

  4. 0 Votes is also a good site to find bikes. Many small home/warehouse based bicycling companies post listings for used road bikes on there. Might take more time than other sites to find a good deal but it can be worth it. 

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