Are there any websites that rate green products?



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    Yes, there are quite a few websites that rate green products. offers reviews on products from appliances to wood.  They also offer ratings for services based on how green they are.  Another great site is, which offers comprehensive eco-ratings on a variety of products ranging from electronics to lighting.  Their comprehensive rating system includes:

    • Environmental Impact: The overall environmental rating the product has based on factors of how the product was produced, where it was created and how green is the manufacturer.
    • Consumption: The total energy consumption of the product.
    • Toxicity: If the product contains toxic materials and how dangerous they are on the environment.
    • LifeCycle Cost: The total cost of ownership including energy cost.
    • Price Rating: How the price of this product compares to others in its category.
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    Green Options offers a range of information on eco-friendly products from electric cars to organic toothpaste. In addition to their product reviews, the website provides a community space for readers to discuss environmental issues, their favorite products, etc. It offers and opportunity for eco-conscious people to connect, share, and collaborate.

  3. 0 Votes is currently the most comprehensive product rating site. They rate products from every different category. They have partnered with numerous non-profit groups and are currently working with multiple countries and companies to rate new products and product categories. They even have an iphone app so you can rate products while you are in the store to make the most sustainable selection. All products have a health, environment, and society rating. Another great site is Skin Deep, which rates beauty products.

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