Are there any websites that can show me how to make furniture out of cardboard?



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    Cardboard furniture is made out of sturdy, very thick cardboard designed to hold hundreds of pounds. It was popularized in France in the 1980s, and continues as a modern method of furniture design today. Since cardboard is recyclable and sometimes made from recycled materials, cardboard is eco-friendly, and cardboard boxes you have lying around your house can be repurposed and made into furniture. This website post instructional videos and offers design ideas. Curbly shows step-by-step instructions on how to make cardboard furniture, including which supplies are needed. Treehugger references another blog, which gives more design inspiration and tutorials. 

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    Wow, what a cool question! I had my doubts when I clicked on this, but after doing some research it appears that there are some very cool pieces of furniture you can construct out of cardboard. Foldschool (link below) is a great website with free patterns to make cardboard furniture for kids. also has some great links to various instruction sites, as well as some pieces made by artists and architects that you can try and replicate without instructions. Good luck!

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    There are so many sites that show you how make cardboard furniture! Crookedbrains is a great website to learn from! They have instructions on how to make a table, a chair, childrens furniture, and a coffee table. For all of the designs you need corrugated cardboard.

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